good dv camera??



I would be very grateful if anybody could advise me on good models of new dv camcorders. I am willing to spend upto 400 pounds.
I am particularly interested in models that provide relatively good quality recording in less bright conditions and also autofocus that will work well with moving subjects I am trying to film.
Thanks a lot!
ps any advice on cheap sources also appreciated!


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I'm getting at JVC GRD93 for £399 from Jessops (Store price £599). They will price match the web prices ie prcdirect.co.uk.

Done loads of research and feel this is the best VFM all rounder out there at the £400 price level.

1.33 CCD
Great quality in good light
Impressive results in low light
No Camcorder noise
All imputs / outputs you'd need
Very good Camera resolution (not an issue for me though)

Was going to get the Canon 750i but the camcorder noise and [email protected] low light put me off.

At this price I personally don't think the JVC can be bettered.



I recently bought a digital camcorder from www.bedirect.co.uk - Samsung VP-D230, (and now please forgive my newbie ness!!), which seems to have some sort of UV or Infra red lamp on the front for "Power Night Capture" as they quote it!

£250 , but i think they have put it up a bit since then
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