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Hi All,

I'm currently in the market for a new Windows Desktop and would like some advice since I have very limited knowledge when it comes to computing.

I'm looking for something that, as it is, boots quickly and can be used as a workhorse with a sufficient level of RAM (8GB minimum) but that also has a good upgrade path for as and when I can afford to do so. Before any says anything, I do need a Windows desktop ASAP but don't have either the time, knowledge, or budget for a custom, purpose-built machine.

In the longer term, I'd like to be able to upgrade the RAM, install a GPU, etc. so that it has the ability to play mid-level games such as Motorsport Manager, ETS2, etc but don't need something that can play the heavy hitters.

If anyone could advise on a good bang for buck Desktop, where to purchase it (Do not mind auctions at all), and what upgrade path I could take with it, that would be superb!

Thanks All!


Something like this would suit your needs well. As it's an SFF form factor PC I'm mot sure whether it's sufficiently large enough to take one of the big GPUs - you'd need to ask the seller about that one. But you should certainly be able to play mid-level games on it with a smaller GPU. Remember, you will have to swap out a more powerful PSU for the one that comes with it if you are going to start gaming - say at least 500 watts. But this a very good, fast and reliable machine.

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