Good deals on The Hitcher?

Andy Dee

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Sep 1, 2002
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Anyone found any good deals on "The Hitcher"

I saw this film on Video about 8 years ago. I remember it had me on the edge of my seat.

Various searches lead me to believe its not yet available on region 2 and i cant find it any cheaper than £14.99 on any other region.

Anyone bought this recently?

Is it worth getting at this price?


The R1 is $15.99 (Canadian) at You'll have to add on $6 postage as well.

Grand total - a little over £9 delivered

(but note that you can stick another DVD in there as well for the same postage, as long as your order is less than £18 so you avoid customs charges)

I've used A&B Sound quite a bit recently and have found them to be very reliable.

The review on Amazon says that the R1 is anamorphic

I saw The Hitcher on Ch4 when it was on a few months ago. I enjoyed it almost as much as I did the first time (which, like you, was many years ago on VHS) so am tempted to buy it myself at that price! :)
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Thats a great price!! i went ahead and ordered it.

I took your advice and went for 2 dvd's, to take advantage on postage.

I went for Striptease with Demi Moore,..i know she has her knockers, but i actually quite liked the film.

Both for $41.98 (Canadian Dollars)

a little over £17 Inc Postage.

Well chuffed!!

No worries :)

I forgot to say, if the DVDs weren't in stock at the time, it can take anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to get them in stock - but that's a minor inconvenience consider how cheap they are!! :)
Great movie.
Didn't Eric Red write that one IIRC? He's also responsible for one of the best unknown werewolf movies of recent times, Bad Moon, also available for a pittance at AB.

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