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Folks - looking for some help finding a new center channel - tiny bit of background - i've been using a home theater in a box system (Sony, i know) for 10yrs+ now, and been pleased with it. 2 days ago, I had a chance to pick up a mint condition Polk CS2 Series ii for $10, so figured why not. After searching online in forums, I know the CS2 ii is not a particularly well regarded center - but, needless to say vs what I've had for the last 10yrs, I think it sounds amazing.

It is, however, far too big for my space. Having it has convinced me of my need to upgrade my center, and then, as finances permit, to start matching the rest. Funds are an issue, and I'm happy to play the Craigslist waiting game. I'm in Los Angeles, so there's constantly new things coming on Craigslist. Ideally...what I would love to find is a good condition:

-5-10yr old center that I could likely find cheap used (under $100)
-generally considered to be as good or better than the Polk CS2 ii
-smaller than the CS2 - specifically, dimensions: Depth 9.5" or smaller, Height: 7.1" inches or smaller, Width not an issue

My receiver is a Denon 740h. If people have suggestions, I'd love to basically make a list from suggestions, and then I can monitor Craigslist and hopefully grab something from the list.

thanks in advance!


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I could get a Polk CS1 ii for $30 - size wise it just about it on par or better than the CS2? Worth doing?

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