Good, Cheap, Upscaler with USB/DivX?


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I have a Philips DVP5960, and its perfect for me.
My parents would like something similar (but i cant find the 5960 anywhere for sale), for around £50 - but less is better
theres only 3 real needs,
USB Divx Playback
Upscaling and
Multiregion DVD playback.
obviously, id like a decent quality one, but price is also an important factr.
I spent £50 on the 5960 about a year ago, surely theres something comparitive?

Thanks in advance btw


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Philips DVP5990 (Mostly around £65)


Toshiba SD580E (used to able to get this from the Tosh website for £50)

From the forums in here I believe the Philips is better and USB 2.

There is also an LG model mentioned in the forums.

In fact you should find the info in the threads below.


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The SD-580 got 5 from whathifi. I have one and it's really good indeed. Paid £60 delivered from amazon.


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If it's really cheap you're after ...

I got the ONN one from Asda.

24 quid. Upscales. Plays divx and xvid and any region disc I have thrown at it. A bargain for the price.



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