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    Hi. new to DVD's, but done some extensive looking around for something that will play MP3's along with CDR/RW and have come up with these three options for a good player on a budget:
    Wharfie M5 at £172.99 by phone - Tesco.
    LG 3350 unmodded from £188.99.
    Toshiba SD210e modded (macro + multi region) for £210.32.

    Bearing in mind the first 2 come as region 2 only and are remote hackable for the multi-region but are both still macrovision enabled, it looks like the Tosh is the one to go for. what say you? I welcome all help, as it is a fudging minefield! I mean, if the M5 can be easily (cheaply!) adapted and the picture/sound quality is as good or not noticably worse, then should I go for that, seeing as it is so much cheaper? Likewise, the LG 3350 seems to be pretty hackable, but I've heard the firmware is not upgradeable for it, whereas the Wharfies (I've heard) generally are. I need a list of pro's + cons for the 3 together, with feedback from those that have the machines! Cheers,
    Boxo. :)

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