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We recently saw the LG MZ-42PZ in a shop, and amazingly enough it has had the affect of making my wife activately want a plasma screen. Not an opportunity to pass up ;)

Now the good thing about the LG is the price. Richer sounds are selling it for £2600, making it affordable (sort of). But what are they like? Or are there any other plasmas that are better, to be had for a similar price.

I know everyone goes made about the Panny, but that's another £1000. We have to keep this in perspective and limit ourselves to the price of the LG (which was actually in the shop for £2900)




You should be able to find a Panasonic for around 3K (probably a charcoal one rather than the silver ones in the Panasonic shops). But with all plasmas, make sure you check out all the connectivity, cabling, stands, etc, as this will bump up the price. I don't know what the LG is like - have you searched this forum?



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Unfortunatley, you can't search for words with less than 3 letters, which makes searching for LG a little tricky :confused:

I've had a good look at the connections, and with the right options it comes with them all, so no problems there. Just curious about the picture quality.

Right, off to search the web for a 3K panny!!


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Just been wandering around Swindon in the rain, as one does, and noticed that Audio-T had a Samsung on display (saw another on demo in dixon's later on), and must say I was impressed. It has SCART, s-video and composite; therefore does not do PS, but as a flat, thin, large hang-on-the-wall TV it is very good. They were playing Mi-2 DVD on the RGB scart - colours were bright and well contained, detail was impressive and darks were not at all bad.

As a home theatre solution the lack of PS is a killer but if you want a TV you can hang on the wall and which is as easy to hook up as your current CRT, then this could be for you. Audio-T are asking £2700.

Don't worry Joe - haven't changed my mind. I'm sticking with the Pioneer


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