good budge buy?


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well i am looking to spend in the proximity of 300 - 350 quid on a divx DVD player & home cinema set up for use with my sky+, xbox & PS2 (& the included dvd player of course) all on my 37 inch plasma telly.

from what i can see this seems to have all the features i need.

however what do you guys think, as am new to this whole home cinema thing, having had a bog standard toshiba 28inch telly with built in prologic till last week

Mango Bob

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As a starter do a quick search for the Yamaha AV50 pack from unbeatable (£170 a month or so ago) as a good budget choice...and the Toshiba SD240 from tesco/richer sounds which I think you can multi-region from the remote control.

I stress I've not heard either system but the above should be a combo and would probably be better than the Kiss package you mention.

Good hunting and welcome to the start of the upgraditis :laugh:


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I wasn't aware the Toshiba SD240 was divx compatible, I'm sure its not. more annoyingly whsmith are sold out of the skyworth divx player, which i just missed out on..

the kiss is a decent player, but have you considered the pioneer dvd575a - £100 or so at richers. i would not be able to recommend the whole kiss system - you should and can get better amp + speakers.

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