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Stranger Things was a revelation, as up until then I can't stand watching children on screen. Very irritating. I'll be giving this a miss.


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Watched it on Friday. If you've seen the trailer you've basically seen the film and definitely seen all the funny parts.

It's like Superbad but younger and not as good.


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Agree with djpaulc247 - if youve seen the trailers then pretty much all the best bits youve seen


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Superbad is on another level but I found some scenes funny in Good Boys, and so wrong, but not a movie to purchase in the future or make a huge effort to get to the local flicks to watch

barnaby jones

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Yeah I liked this. The trailer says it all. Has a nice bittersweet ending too.
One or two moments border on being too shrill and frantic but really if you like this sort of thing, you will enjoy it.


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It has some funny moments and gets the "kids bragging totally incorrectly" thing spot on but is kind of instantly forgettable at the same time.

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