Good bass without vibrations?


Personally I love the LFE from films such as the Gladiator beginning, but my dad is going crazy that the windows are rattling so much. Is there ANY way to keep the low bass WITHOUT vibrations, or do they pretty much go hand in hand - i.e. low bass=pressurewaves=windows rattling?



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The only way round it would be to turn the bass down.
Significant amounts of bass will vibrate anything vibratable.:)


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I wonder whether the vibrations shorten the life of double glazing units? :blush:



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There do exist dsp pre-filters that can scale down certain frequency bands, but such devices are not cheap. You get a crude one "for free" with the new Yamaha Z9. (it has a 4-band equalizer for the subwoofer alone!) :)


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Try a Bass Shaker attached to your seat and connected via the LFE channel. That way you get the vibration without the sound, so the windows won't rattle.


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