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As I posted in an earlier thread, I have recently tried to add AV to my Cyrus 2 channel system with an AV Master 8.0.

This is too compromised on the AV side (I reckon my usage is 30% music, 30% games and 40% movies), so I have decided to get rid of my two channel stuff, and get one amp for everything.

What do people think is the best performing AV amp for 2 channel music for around £1k. I could spend a bit more if the gains are going to be significant.

Any advice appreciated.


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:eek:The onkyo 805, 875, 905 have had people dropping their power amps one being an arcam P7 :eek:


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I would look at Arcam (some bargains around on current range), Cambridge Audio 540R V3/640R, Marantz SR4002. Do a search as there have been a few threads on this topic.


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For 1k you could have a brilliant stereo amp with a cheapo s/h AV amp to deal with processing and the rear channels.
Yes I know that it's two boxes, but you did after all ask for opinions.

BTW, I've tried an 875 at home, and much preferred my stereo integrated/AV amp combo. Before anyone complains about the cost, both together could now be bought for around £1k s/h.

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