Good 5.1 set for £400 or less


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I am looking to replace my Canton 80 CX speakers as I find the dialogue hard to hear most of the time unless turned up far too high. Tried out two AV Recievers and still suffer the same.

So it's time to change them, I just can't work out what to go for still. I've been looking at the Harman Kardon HKTS 30BQ but just can't decide what is best out there. I want to hear the dialogue! Our house isn't particuarlly big either, its a small front room.


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Have you tried using the dynamic range control or drc or night mode? Have you also tried increasing the level of the centre speaker a little within the amp? You should be able to get the qa acoustics older 2000 av package or maybe even the wharfedale diamond 10 av package for your budget. Have you considered just upgrading the front 3 and keeping your current sub and rears? This would gt you even better speakers.
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