Good 5.1 or Average 7.1


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In my ever long conquest to **** my wife off, I am again looking at an upgrade. this time in the form of KEF TDM 34DS THX Surround Speakers.
The problem is 2 of these wouldn't match my Mission M7D's I would like to keep as my back surrounds.
Shock horror, they look really different!!:eek: (says the missus)
These Kefs are obviously quality speakers and I am contemplating for now trying pursuasion on the lines of, lets go to quality 5.1 with the Kefs, or stay 7.1 with the average Missions.

What to do???:confused:


I find myself quite happy with quality 5.1...... but many feel the need for 7.1 in any form



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Quality 5.1 every time for me. I should probably experiment with 6.1, as I've got a spare matching rear (only a sony satellite) that I've not hooked up yet. Truth be told I can't be bothered to go into the on screen menu. I don't have a TV, so it's a pain in the bum to have to borrow a semi-portable one from my flatmate :p


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Just realized that the Kefs are 4 Ohm speakers so, similar to the dilema I had wanting M&K K4's, the 4 ohm load is unsuitable for my Pioneer 2011.
If anyone else is interested in these Kef 34Ds there is a black pair HERE on Ebay presently at £255 with a day and a half to go.
Looks like I'll be keeping my 7.1 setup.:)

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