Good 5.1 amps?


Peter G

I'm looking to buy a surround amp, and initially I had thought I would get a Marantz SR5400.

However, I've realised that I probably won't have room for a centre rear speaker, so I'm wondering if I can save money by going for a 5.1 amp instead.

Does that sound like a sensible move, and if so can anyone recommend a cheap amp that will give 5.1 performance on a par with the Marantz?


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You have a wealth of options, we are a spoiled bunch in this hobby, there really arent many bad amps out there.

The 5400 is one of the better ones, but you also have the Denon 1804 and 2803 to consider, the Pioner 812 and 912 and options from Harmon Kardon too.

And lets not forget my personal fave, the Marantz SR7400 :):).

Thing is, you do get what you pay for, and if you try to scrimp on a low end 5.1 amp, you may not get the full benefit of home cinema. I personally wouldn't recommend anything below the class of the Marantz SR4400, anything lower may work out to be more dissappointing as a whole package, and you may regret it later for the sake of a £20 or £30 saving.

Peter G

Don't get me wrong, I'm not after some cheap rubbish. What I want is something that will sound (at least) as good as the Marantz 4400 (in 5.1 anyway) but that is available cheaper because it doesn't have the latest 6.1 bells and whistles.

For instance, RS are selling the Sony STRDE585 for £150, and on paper at least it looks to offer more than the Marantz SR4400 - presumably because it doesn't have 6.1.


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You'll be going back 2 years for that sort of technology (eg. my Denon 1802) so they're going to be very difficult to find new.

You can probably pick up a s/hand bargain (maybe Denon 2802 or similar) but make sure it's got Dolby Pro-Logic 2.

Sorry I can't be more specific with models but my suggestion is that the 6th channel is par for the course in the current generation and doesn't bump up the price especially much.
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