Good 28 inchers




Whats the current crop of recommended 28 inch WS TV's? I don't follow it as I have a 32" but I need to help my mother buy a replacement set (after 15 years!!) and apparently she only wants a 28" one.

I would like it future proofed as much as possible (may have to last another 15 years ; >) and good quality (plus couple of RGB scarts) - although I would prefer reliability over the latest and greatest as my mother will not be impressed by flakey models, replacements etc that we seem to put up with.

Oh and iDTV might be an idea given the timescales ... (refuses to get Sky)

Any recommendations gratefully received.


I have a Sony28inW/S flat screen LS35 which is quite good and only cost £520? from John Lewis with a free 5 year guarantee and delivery. Squirrel God swears by his Sony LS60 which is 100 Hz as apposed to mine which is 50Hz, his is also better for teletext, and I think the 60 has 3 SCARTs but mine has 2.

Then again if she has the money look for a Loewe, they have one of the best pictures and the cabinets are extremely tasteful. And most of them can be upgraded.
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