Gonna build a HTPC, want HDDVD & BR, but which ones


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in the near future i intend to build a HTPC pretty similar to all the ones I've seen listed here, would it be worth waiting to get a combo drive even though i cant find any for sale or should i just plop 2 separate drives in and if so which ones would you recommend?


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LG make a dual machine I believe and yes you could buy 2 separate players but thats personal preference. Do you intend to buy a tasty Origen pc case which most, if not all have room for only one drive (but it does look like a stand-alone dvd player) or a regualer pc case with BIG blue flashing lights and 12" fans front-and-rear?

Im not really up to speed with the guts though, ie. GFX cards etc.. but im sure someone will drop in to help/advise. Your given budget may help them to.




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thanks for the info, cant seem to find that LG on ebuyer or 2 separate players for that matter, guess there not out yet


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The LG drive is available now, but it costs over 500 pounds.... it's called a super multi blue.
It's much cheaper atm to get 2 separate, the Toshiba HD-DVD drive is £120 or so, and I've seen the Philips BDC bluray drive for as little as 100 quid on ebay (or 140 or so elsewhere)

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