Gone for the panasonic E30


Mark Bennett

Hi All

Finally went for the E30 and had been deliberating about getting it from Dixons fro £499 with 1 year interest free credit but then remembered that Comet had it on their website for £399 as a price match to other online sellers.

So I called them up and they had me tell them the web price which they agreed was right and offered me 6 months interest free credit.

Getting it now means I can record stuff over Xmas on the DVD rather than VHS which I would have to transfer back anyway.



hi,can you plug a camacorder (minidv) in to the E30 & is there a hack to make it multiregion?i have been looking for a recorder but would want 1 that i can transfer minidv tapes on to dvds,also multi region.i am not sure which one to go for the philips 890 or the E30?
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