Goliath - Season 4 - Final season/ Prime 24/09/21


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Final season trailer came out 2 weeks ago and I missed it.

Looking very good and some great actors in it.



Seen the first few and it's good. Not as snappy, violent or moving forward as other series. In fact, it's quite sedate and has gone for a more cerebral PI in Chinatown approach.
It's 4K status, setting and, clearly, an awareness of COVID has a major impact here.. It looks like anything from: DaytimeTV with odd filmic backdrops, to green screen and studio bound and, onto an almost play like feel at times; with some characters generally sat chatting at safe distances apart, in varying shifts - Waiting for Godot.
There's another Lynchian setting and set up within Billy's repeat dream sequence, that won't let up, in it's attempt at telling him something important to address. These are the only juxtaposition to a pretty bog standard slow boiler pace and air for it all.
J.K. Simmons is playing to type, yet again,. but then so is the boy who saw dead people, Osment, as another doofus/tit.
Good to have Bruce Dern as, yup, another curmudgeon but at least he is a bit more toothsome in his ideals with attack in mind.
Nina's Patty is always fun but could anyone imagine a life (or solid week) with her?!
The story is pretty uninventive and done many times before but, I am enjoying it overall, in what I'd have to say is a comfortably familiar feeling with it all...


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Has patty had anymore work done? Last series her cheeks looked like she'd hid some food in there!


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I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons, the third season jumped the shark, season 4 is looking (after watching the first 2 episodes) like more of the same BS as season 3.


Well, I finished it and it ends as you'd expect.
It gets a bit too intrusively sentimental for my tastes in the syrupy music of the courtroom, just to add to the righteousness of it all.
If not for recent events Stateside in the courts with big Pharma and opioid misuse/abuse; this could certainly seem far too rosey or, alternately, timely depending on your opinion.
The show certainly went from one extreme to another over the seasons.
I like Billy a lot and so I'll miss no more time with him here...and Patty.


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Real shame but thanks all for the heads up. I was fairly disappointed with three so four sounds like a swerve.


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Enjoyed the first 2 seasons, but watched about 2 episodes of season 3 before i stopped and never went back.

Do you need to watch season 3 or is this a completely new story?


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Anyone had any issues with series 4 episode 3? The first 2 episodes streamed in 4K HDR but the third episode only seemed to stream in HD for me last night. I tried the Amazon app. on both my LG TV and Sony BR player. Same deal. Nothing obviously amiss at my end of things -- broadband AOK, Netflix works in 4K, etc. I've seen this once before with Amazon with the latest series of The Expanse. Some episodes were fine in HDR, others not. I raised a complaint with Amazon about that, but they never came back to me ...

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