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golfers need a bit of help


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well ive played golf for a few years now and am ok,i.e play of 10 but my problem is i always try to keep up with the times,went from my cobras 3100 to r7 draw irons,now my problem is i dont slice my irons and so am having probs with these irons,so ive been looking at the ping raptures but doesnt tell you if they are offset or not anyone got any,thanks for any advice


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I think it depends what you are looking for. You say you got the R7 draw irons and now you don't slice them - surely that was the purpose of having them?
How long have you had them? New kit can take a good while to adapt to.

If you're off 10 then talk to your pro and see what he think best suits you, fashion aside!
At that standard you have ability so get what works best for you.

Regarding the Pings I assume you want offset if your natural shot is a fade (as offset assists faders)?

Personally, for what its worth, I LOVE Mizuno irons. They are all pretty neutral in setup and basically do exactly what you tell them to. Many think they're unforgiving but I disagree. It allows you to play you;re shots without artificial correction. The plus side is they let you work on your game and get lower. At 10 you;re better than game improvement irons.


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If you are off 10, pop into the local shop and speak to a PGA. They will offer the best advice possible and work out what club and offset is best for you. I cannot stress enough how important custom fitting is!

Onto the Pings, they come in different offsets. It's the dot that will tell you what offselt they are. The G10's are out next week, well worth a look!

Black dot is the standard lie.

Question: What are the lie angles of your irons, by dot color?

Answer: In a standard set, every club has a different lie angle - short irons are progressively more upright than longer irons. In a set with any color code other than standard (black color code), the lie angle of EVERY club is adjusted to be more upright or flatter, depending on the color code.
The standard lie angles for G5 irons at standard length are:

2: 58.67
3: 59.32
4: 60.02
5: 60.75
6: 61.50
7: 62.28
8: 63.10
9: 63.95
PW: 64.38
UW: 64.38
SW: 64.70
LW: 65.11

PING Color Codes, going from most upright to flattest are:


Each color code is progressively one degree more upright than the NEXT, or one degree flatter than the PREVIOUS as you read the list from top to bottom.

So, if we use an 8-iron as an example:

A Green color code is 2 degrees more upright than standard, or 63.10 + 2 = 65.10 degrees. Since the color code system takes length into consideration, you must also adjust this number for non-standard lengths as follows:

For every 1/2 inch shorter than standard, the lie angle is approximately (~) 3/4 of a degree more upright. Conversely, every 1/2 inch longer means the club is ~3/4 of a degree flatter.

So, if that same Green color code 8-iron was 1/2 inch longer than standard, the actual lie angle would be 65.10 - ~.75 = ~64.35 degrees. The lie angle of the remaining clubs in the set would need to be calculated in a similar manner.


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cheers for the adive,and huntere i ment to say that i didnt slice the ball before i got these so dont really know why i went for them,been to look at th callaway x20s and had a go of them and felt really nice


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Ah ok

If you like Callaway please try Mizuno. They are soooo different. The amount of feedback is much more. You know before the end of your follow through where its gone and how you hit it.

And defo get a custom fit!


agree with above advise - if concerned with your irons etc - speak to a local pro. Might be a few swing changes could benefit rather than a new set of irons!!

Anyway for what it's worth i'll second the mizuno arguement - beautiful irons, no extra shapes/weights/gimmicks etc and one you play them you'll never change!


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went to see the pro up were i live and he tried the ping g5 and callaway x20s and with a few ajustments to my swing was hitting the callaways lovely so going to get them,cheers for the advice,good bye to offset clubs


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Your pro can arrange for you to go to Ping at Gainsborough and have them checked over for you. Well worth a visit. I went a few years back with a set of Ping Eye2s. I gained about 5 yards a club and they went much straigher too. Didn't cost a penny either!

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