Goldring 2200 Cartridge


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I've just changed to this cart, from the Ortofon Pick It s2, that came with my Project X1 deck (Love the turntable. Wasn't keen on the cart). I thought I'd leave some thoughts, as there seemed to be very little online about it, when I was researching replacements.
On my previous turntable (a Debut Carbon) I've had Ortofon 2M red, blue and silver and a Nagaoka MP110. These are early impressions, having played 7 or 8 records. The cart was £195, brand new.

Really impressed with sound. Tonally, it's warmer than the Ortofon carts that I've had, but more
detailed than the Nag.
It seems to track really well and I've not been able to detect and IGD.
Good instrument seperation and midbass really pops. Listening to Speaking In Tongues, some of the bass lines really bounced, making for a really engaging listen.
Best thing are the vocals. They have a real, in the room quality, that really draws you in. That plus the detail level made listening to American IV a real pleasure. Every breath audible, along with moments where JC's voice subtlety breaks.

If anyone's in the market for a sub-£300 cart, this should be on the shortlist. On Project decks, the obvious cart upgrade is the 2M Blue. Personally I think this is a much better option.

Well done Goldring!

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