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Usual high standards from Movietyme, mine arrived this morning :D


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Patience is a virtue....... but who was to be virtuous.

Did you get the R1, Is the InfiniFilm extra's any good. They were fantastic on Thirteen Days where you could call up all the historical info. Just wondering what they put on Goldmember, Austins 'conquests' and an interactive Kama Sutra maybe ??


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got mine from future ent ordered monday came today superb huge thumbs up to future ent looks like there back to there ebst :D


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future ent looks like there back to there ebst
Yeah lets hope so.
Although waiting two to three days longer for the film to arrive wasn't too harsh, it was there speedy delivery in the first place that set such a high standard.

Also received half a dozen or so emails from them in the last few days promoting "Soon to be released"
Time of year or trying to recoup business?...hmm

tony kop77

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Which version is better region 1 or 2. I looked at play 247 they have it for £13.99 and looks like there are more extras on region 2 can anyone confirm that?


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R2 Goldmember is DTS 6.1 discrete, not sure about R1, anyone know? So I can decide which one to get.

My parents are in the US until Friday, they have my list (and hopefully a spare suitcase!



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Hi there,

Yes, the R1 version has the DTS-ES 6.1 track with DD 5.1EX too. Fantastic quality disc btw. Got mine from



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It appears that the R1 is not playable on certain players/models. I am not alone in having problems on a Pioneer 737. Others have posted (in this and other forums) the same issue. Every few minutes the picture freezes and doesn't revover. You can frame backwards a few frames and then proceed, but a few minutes later it will freeze again. This occurs at the points in the film where the infinifilm break-out subtitles are positioned.

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