Goldfinger - Bond 50 Box Set Blu-ray Review

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"Do you expect me to talk?"

All together now ...

"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."

Well done, everybody!

Arguably the most beloved of all the Bond films, Goldfinger does practically everything right. Solidifying Sean Connery as the definitive 007 and equally cementing all those core components that went into creating the phenomenon at large - brassy title songs, ripe innuendos, uniquely memorable villains, over-the-top plots, gadgets, girls and exotic locations - Guy Hamilton's first stab at directing MI6's finest would, indeed, go on to become box office gold and one of the classiest and most exuberant thrillers of all time. Goldfinger was not only the artistic and cultural catalyst of the series - removing Bond further from Ian Fleming's original interpretation in the process, and establishing him more indelibly as a...

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