GoldenEye Reloaded MI6 Edition (PS3/Xbox360) - £21.45

Indiana Jones

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Nov 4, 2003
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cheers for that, was waiting for it to crop up on games advent calender but no need now :)
yh thats because they are the same company, lol
markmc2k9 said:
How bad is this Game? Worth a punt?

IGN gave it 8.5 and Gamespot gave it 8 which are pretty high scores.
Picked this up yesterday and it's pretty good. Online was empty though, only managed 6 players in a free for all match.

MI6 ops was good fun though. Seems to have plenty of re-play value. I didn't get the £21.45 deal, bought it instore (Game) for £29.99, but a few trade-ins brought it down to £12.
Played the 1st 2 missions on wii and i think this game will be great if you like a spot of stealth FPS rather than all out action.
ordered this morning from game, £21 is good value and cex give you £21 cash at the mo so a free rental or very little loss if and when i decide to weigh it in.:smashin:
Picked this up in Morrisons for £25 although I get a 10% discount due to the mrs. More for my 10yr old son then me but see how it goes.

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