Gold connectors on mini dvd tape



Hi all, just a quick question, slightly confused, just bought the Sony HC19E, it didn't come with any tapes so went out and bought a Fuji dv tape for it, reading in the book it says clean the gold connectors after you have ejected the tape ten times, the tape hasn't got any gold connectors it just has four plastic tabs where the gold connectors (I presume) would be, so, my question is do all tapes have gold connectors, in other words have I bought a duff tape?? What do the gold connectors do?? Thanks Paul

Roy Mallard

not quite...

shooting info such as time date aperture wb blah blah blah is recorded onto the tape, the IC memory is for USER BITS, where you could add information on the shoot, usually short text information like location or project title.

maybe I should run courses...

gary mackenzie

It is called 'cliplink' (tm) and stores start and end timecode of each clip , plus a picon , which can be read by some playback devices and edit systems.

sony es-3 systems used it to allow a quick storyboard to be built , rearranged and brought into the edit system.

only useful if the playback device and edit system understand how to use the info.

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