Going to stick it on thy wall advice ideas needed guys.


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After my second stand arrived damaged today enough is enough im set now at installing my 42" plasma tv on the wall its a supporting wall brick and plaster.I dont want to chase the wall at this time id rather go with trunking or nice chrome tubing ?{advice guys}.
Im wanting a tv bracket that sits close to the wall and with a tilt action not wanting to spend a fortune either :) any ideas to best brackets to get.
Tv is going to be approx 5` from floor so im going to want some trunking possibly chrome if i can get it or some type of tubing its going to be carrying

2xscarts (thick type)
1xvga cable xbox 360
1xtv coax
1xpower cable
1xhdmi cable
1x component cable
1xsmall power cable for my led lights

Then ill be looking for a stand for all my av equipment to go on might just buy a 32" black/chrome table type.

any advice links etc would be great thanks.
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