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Hi Forum,

Before the X-tube stuff which really bring out the quite warm arcams monoblocks. I used to have some really cheap Gale XL biwire stuff it didn't bring out the detail very well..

(My system is in Sig to give you an idea of what it is.)

But at £3/metre whose complaining. My question is this: Do i the exact same cable i have and play it safe. Or do i go for some cable i know to be very good at mids/lows and leave the x-tube stuff for the HF.

I was thinking about buying some equal length Van den Hul cs122 stuff that i know to be very nice for lows. have that connecting the LF and have my current x-tube stuff connecting the HF.

Is this a wise move. I've not mixed speaker cables before so just need some advice/views.

Thanks all,

deaf cat

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I've not tried it either, with cables, but I did try Arcam for HF and Rega for LF and the sound was weard to say the least. Chilled out HF from the Arcam and kicking LF from the Rega, I guess it was a bit weard, as it was easy to tell the Rega (by its self) was a much faster sounding amp, so the two together:oops:

However, the same may occur if you were to biwire with Nordost and Cardas:rotfl:

Have not heard x tube so would not know how it would sound with VDH.


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