Going to Audition the AVP700 next weekend


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In a previous thread here, I was thinking about the 350 vs the 700 as a replacement for my Yamaha RX-V1400. My primary concern is for music, specifically MCH SACD playback, but the family also watches movies in HT so I do need some video processing and digital input for DVD's. All my speakers are driven by external amplifiers, so Pre-outs are also a requirement. I do not use my Yamaha for ANY Music DAC work, basically using it for passthrough for the 5.1 channel analog signals from Sony Player to the Yamaha, then out the Pre Outs to dedicated amps. Oh yeah, BTW, I also have a HT passthrough on my ARC Pre, so the main channels come back to the ARC Pre for the mains.

Two Channel playback has its own equipment hence the Yamaha, or the Arcam will not be responsible for any two channel work.

Houston, we have a problem:
Went out to my local Stereo Store, who has the AVP700 to see about a home audition so I can compare with my equipment in my room to see what differences there might be between the 700 and Yamaha. It was Saturday, and I know the store is closed on Sunday, so I figured I could pick up the unit, audition it Saturday night, Sunday, and bring it back Monday AM so there would be no inconviences to future customers. I arrived at the store and told the sales person about the desire to try out the AVP700 and was met with a reply:

"We do not allow home auditions of equipment" My immediate though was: :censored: I was about to ask about this so-called policy, but the phone rang, he answered it, and I walked out the door. BTW, I have dealt with this store for YEARS now, not breaking the bank with purchases, but I have spent quite a few thousand $$$$ there.

Time to find good customer service and hopefully better treatment:
I then went home, looked up other Arcam authorized dealers, found another, called them up and they said: "Come on over we can discuss your needs and help you make a good decision". I then drove right over, discussed things, and an AVP700 will be waiting for me next Saturday to preview on Sat, Sun, & Mon to be returned on Tuesday.

My so called Local Store will no longer be getting ANY FUTURE business from me, nor will I EVER AGAIN, recommend them to any other audio friends - a very sad situation.

I will report back on my findings after my audition, which I am very excited about.


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