Going to a gym/exercising on weekends alone


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Hi folks,

I want to keep fit and go to a gym but my circumstances mean that I can only go on weekends. Is this going to be feasible or are there any home based routines you can suggest?

I have started a new job and my commute takes 2 and half hours each way - tend to leave home by 5.30 or so and back by 7.20 in the evening. I try to walk to the railway station (about a 25 minute walk) if it's not heavy rain, so at present this is my only fitness regime. I am not thinking of staying near work as I have young kids plus the job's only for a year or a year and half maximum. I thought of running/jogging to the station but it's not going to be feasible to have a shower afterwards plus going to be uncomfortable sitting in the train with a sweat soaked shirt etc :)

Look forward to any suggestions/ advice :)


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I would think it's entirely feasible to go to a gym at a weekend - I think pretty much all of the popular gyms are open 7 days a week
post this in the workout/motivation topic, and you will get some good advice from the people in there, may be an idea to put your current weight/measurement and what your goals are?


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Any suggestions for a work out Matt?

Haha, no chance! Unless you count getting up and going to the kitchen to get another beer, or climbing the stairs to go to bed as "workouts" :D


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I go during the week but they are super quick visits due to work. I do the majority of my working out on the weekend.


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post this in the workout/motivation topic, and you will get some good advice from the people in there, may be an idea to put your current weight/measurement and what your goals are?

Would it be possible for a moderator to move this thread/merge this into the work out/ motivation topic or is it better to just post this in that thread?


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Have you thought about maybe doing some exercise in lieu of a lunch break? I'm working fairly long hours at present - comfortably 12-14 hours a day - and absolutely make a point of disappearing at 1200 everyday for a 30 minute jog.

I have been in a similar situation where long hours meant that I didn't really have time for exercise. But compound that with commuting - which at least for me often means snacking to avoid boredom on the train - and a few weekend sessions is unlikely to be enough.
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I want to keep fit and go to a gym
this is my only fitness regime
You don't need to do both, just the "keep fit" will do - by leading the normal healthy life-style that you already do.
Matt_C has the best idea, and it doesn't involve paying out a load of money for the privilege of using silly machines and saying how macho that makes you.


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For my money I would rather buy a nice bike and use that than go to a gym. Exercise/Fresh Air/Fun and can be addictive (in a good way), also could be part of the commute.


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You commute 5 hours a day? :eek: I get annoyed if it takes me 20mins to get to work instead of 15.

It's a temporary job and it will be good experience from a career perspective , so don't mind doing it. I guess I am just getting used to it and trying to be positive :)


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For the cost of a gym membership you can hire a concept rower directly from concept. I'm a big fan of rowing done properly as an exercise, by having one at home you can follow one of the many interactive programmes out there and get a great physical and CV workout. Im sure you can spare 30-40 minutes per evening if you didnt have to go anywhere.


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If you feel gym is the way forward - talk to a gym which is convenient for you to get to. Most will offer trial memberships and then have scales of charges for peak/off peak/weekends which alter not only with frequency of visit, but also length you sign up for. It can be complicated so it's worth a visit to see the facilities/staff and to have membership options explained clearly. Oh, and point blank refuse to pay a 'joining fee' as many gyms stopped trying that on years ago.

Also - tell your chosen gym what you want to achieve and ask if they can work a programme out for you. Most will do this for free (its part of what you pay membership for) as they will want to start you off so you build up your training for long term benefit ratther than trying to kill yourself from the off. They will show you how to use the machines and facilities on your induction and then prepare your training/ work out schedule. To be honest, once you have a couple of months under your belt you will probably adapt your training to suit what you want to achieve and what timeframe you have.

Alongside some running I go to the gym a couple of times a week. Joined a year ago and it's made a noticable difference. I do go to the gym with a mate who wouldn't go otherwise! I would as I'm used to running on my own so I'm pretty motivated. If you have any mates that might be interested in joining the gym mention it to them as it is def much easier to go once the 'newness' wears off if you feel you would be letting someone down by not turning up on cold/wet/snowy days. ;)

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