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Going on holiday but not sure which camcorder to buy


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Hi There.

I'm going on holiday next week and wanted some advice on which camcorder to take with me.
I am going on a family holiday and intend on using the camcorder to record the once in a lifetime experience.
Will be going Kenya for 3 weeks and would like to use the camcorder to record videos indoors and outdoors.
I guess video quality, battery life and storage are the most important features.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Price can be flexible, around £200-£400, looking to keep the camcorder for a few years also.

Thank you :lease:


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Again any mid range camcorder from the Canon, Panasonic or Sony stables. If you like Panasonic, they have recently replaced a number of models with the 2013 versions (Mine a HC-V700 replaced with HC-V720 for example) so the original models are going for decent prices (see Amazon)
Budget for extra SD cards, possibly 32 or 64 GB, and make sure you know what the mains voltage is for recharging batteries!!! (Panasonic is good for 110-240 volts) See if you can get a second battery. OEM batteries are very expensive. Get a good case to carry the kit. Also take the Instruction Manual and the receipt. I always buy a neutral density filter to protect the lens and lens cover. (46 mm in the case of the V700) BUT remove it if you want to use the flash!!

You have left it a bit late to shop around but good luck.


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Good advice . . . and FWIW I'd go for the Pana V700.
. . . But there are other cameras out there - the Pana FX 150 is a stills camera (so video limited clips-duration abt 20min), these work well as video-cameras, but do make very good stills. Their main benefit is a longer zoom DYOR - and on a wildlife holiday, this might sway you. Furthermore, in a foreign country they are less instrusive, you appear to be taking stills -

Perhaps others here can give their take on using these cameras On Safari...

Currently, 16G SDHC cards are the best value, but larger cards have their advantages.
+Batteries - they fade at the wrong moment.
-You might also consider the effects of high ambient temperatures. This may affect the filming duraton as the sensor heats up.

However, I suggest you get whichever camera quite soon, - to be sure it's working OK (and you know what the controls do), you might also consider filming with the exposure set low (destroys shadows, but protects highlights), since your subjects are likely to be in full sun.

Good luck.

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