Going from devhook to 3.02 FW .... need a little help please


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ok guys

my mem stick has devhook 0.46 on it.

am i right in thinking then when i turn on my psp, and check the fw it says 1.50.....ok:smashin:

so UNTIL i run devhook its plain old 1.50fw right?

so i just format the memstick and then install 3.02OE-C an that's it?
i've found an automatic fw installer that doesn't need any tech input as i'm uselesss at these things :rolleyes:

a little help would be appreciated :lease:




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there's an option in the memstick folder that says

'Return to 1.50 from FW2.xx'

do i need to execute this before formatting the memstick....

don't want to kill my psp




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Yes you need to be on 1.5 to be able to run the update so just return to 1.5 then format your memory stick and then put on the relevant files that you need to upgrade.


3.10 OE C you should install that one of the best PSP Custom firmwares

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