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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by llanellijack, Mar 31, 2004.

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    This is my first post in the audio forum and I'd like a bit of advice from the experts ! I have recently purchased a Pioneer 434 hde plasma which I was going to link up with a Sony DAV-S888 All in one system however I have read so much negative feedback regarding All in one systems ( particularly from Sony ) on this forum that I have decided to go down the separates route. The DVD player I have in mind is the Pioneer 868 DVD player to make use of the HDMI on my Pioneer however I have no clue on what amp and speaker set to get ? I will not have a big budget left for these two items so I will be looking to spend somewhere in the region of £600 - £800. Can anyone recommended a good amp and speaker set for this amount of money, I also need it to look fairly stylish ( to satisfy the misses ) which drove me down the All in one route in the first place. Also, how much do you think I would get for an unused Sony DAV-S888 system if I sold it, say on eBay ? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    For £1000 you could get the Kef 2005.2 package with the Marantz SR5400 and would be a very good start on your route to home cinema heaven. I can't really comment on the second hand value of a Sony DAV-S888 system as the numbers on my keyboard don't go that low. Only kidding, I reckon you should be able to get about £100-150 for it if it's in good condition.

    Personally I would get a slightly cheaper DVD player like the Arcam DV78 and get a better amp like the Pioneer AX-3 for your kind of budget.

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