Going for Onkyo 605 but which Sub ??


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OK guys I have finally decided to go for this amp to connect to my HTPC which has HDMI sound and vision straight off the motherboard.

I have bought myself 4 Brand new B&W 602 S3's and a LCR60 S3 for a steal, (mind you I did travel to the other end of the country for them). :thumbsup:

Now my question is, what Sub ?

I don't know anything about subs but I have been reccommended to get a Rel Quake. Do any of you have any suggestions, I don't want to pay a fortune though. I just want something to compliment my speakers and give a good Umph




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REL Quake Mk1 has been seen reduced recently. Its a very good sub with Movies and unlike most other makes in the same price range its got great timing with Music. M&J are also a great alternative. Velodyne if you can get on 2nd hand.


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Sorry to hijack the thread and go slightly off topic, but I also have the same speakers as you and am also thinking about getting the Onkyo 605. When you have it all set up, could you post an opinion up on sound performance please? ;)


P.S. I have an old Tannoy subwoofer (not sure of the model number, sorry I can't be of much help) and I find it pretty good - i got it secondhand for a good price at the time... Only got it all hooked up to an old Marantz SR4400 though.


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ill move this to the subwoofer forum.


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A few questions for you to answer before any real advice can be given.

1. What is your budget. Try to give what you would prefer to spend and your maximum.
2. What size is your room and any issues on size for the sub, also is there any issues with partners or house mates.
3. What are you looking for in regards to the sub. Do you want something to add a little extra to your system and fill out the lower regions or do you want a real earthshaking sub. Is it to be used for mainly cinema duties or music or a combination.
4. Do you live in a flat, house and what is the situation in regards to neighbours. Not a huge issue as even a monster sub doesn't have to be played at reference levels but there is no point going totally over board.

A subwoofer is simply an amazing bit of kit in your home cinema system when you get something decent. It will give you much more than you can imagine, deep bass, it will lift the other speakers and improve your whole sound, add that extra woomphh and really put you into the film. You will also want to consider EQ devices, maybe at a later date, as your room interaction with the sub can have a big impact on the sound and with EQ you can really get the sub working and sounding at its best.

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