GOING CRAZY!! I need itunes "HELP"



Hi, i hope someone out there can help me out here as i am going to go insane if i can't sort this as its one of those little annoying things that eat away at you untill youre picking little pieces of your pc off the floor:D
I have an mp3 album file that i keep trying to import into itunes and it does it straight away no probs, the problem is it will not import them in the correct order as the album is meant to be played it is importing the artist on the album in alphabetical order and its driving me :censored: nuts.. I know this might seem a trivial problem to many but it is now becoming an issue within myself and driving me nuts....... Why will itunes not import the file in the correct order instead of doing what it thinks best....Please help :lease: :suicide:


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I too had this problem and found an easy solution.

Stop using itunes and move to Floola http://www.floola.com/modules/wiwimod/ which is a freeware ipod manager that will import compilations and sort by track numbers, not A-Z by Artist.

More over, Floola will run without itunes on your PC. It is installed on the ipod itself so you can use the ipod on any PC. It will also easily move music off the ipod onto any computer.

Combine Floola with a copy of Audiograbber installed onto your ipod with the LAME .dll and you have the perfect portable solution for your ipod.



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Use mp3tag to examine the metadata in the mp3 files. Maybe there are multiple tags (ID3v1/ID3v2 etc.)


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Check you actually have the track numbers in the 'track number' part of the Tag (highlight the track and right click and click the 'info' button). If not you'll have to manually enter them.

If that doesn't work, try pre-pending the file name of each track with the track number (so it reads 'track no - track name').

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