Godzilla vs. Kong Movie Review & Comments


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If it wasnt' for this review, i would have missed this launching.

Looking forward to watching it now and the review is also reinforced by its rotten tomatao score.

Just the question of what platform to use to get max sound/visuals.


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BUT, and this is why I HATE scores, where the hell are these 2s and 3s coming from?
The only way to ever get to a consistent viewpoint here is to do the AVF x/10 across a set of categories based on what goes into film-making and give an average


Production Design (Sets/Costumes/CGI)


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Alternatively we can just Spinal Tap everything to 11.

I'm always on board with that plan.


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Watched this in Atmos and HDR this afternoon and it's simply stunning. Really enjoyed the movie with its solid storyline! Thoroughly recommend people give it a go.


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I must have been starved of blockbuster hollywood films at the cinema for too long but I really enjoyed this. The plot makes no sense, the humans are pointless but it looks and sounds amazing. It's certainly the best out of the four movies so far.


Reading through these comments it seems you need to set your expectations that you are about to watch a Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed 113 minute punch-up with 150m tall monsters which is fine by me - bring it on. Will watch this during the weekend on iTunes - also good to hear that sound and vision is great - george
I think you nailed it. Really looking forward to getting the disc on July 31.


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Tom Davies

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Thanks @Tom Davies . I enjoyed that.

Do I need to have seen KOTM before watching this? I avoided it due to the poor reviews. I'm not massively invested in this franchise but the trailer did look pretty cool.
It does lead on from KotM but honestly, you'd probably be better served reading the Wikipedia plot summary.


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For me I just couldn’t wait for it to be over watching it last night. 4/10
I hate to admit it, but I was the same. I watched it last night and for the life of me, I just couldn't engage with it. On paper, it sounded fantastic, particularly, after Skull Island was such a good Kong film (IMHO). After sitting through it though, I've got to say I was bored and underwhelmed. Without spoiling anything, the fight scenes are pretty good, but the final act is just bobbins with the antagonist nothing less than cringeworthy. It's not a terrible film, but it's not a good one either. 5/10 from me.


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Shame we can't somehow merge this and the old thread : Godzilla vs. Kong (2020)

But, no doubt it would be really messy.

My take, this wasn't really just about Kong or Godzilla (ironically), it was about refreshing the whole monster movie concept, in a way that will please some but not others.

Don't get me wrong I like subtle 'monster' films too, that allude to more human demons and/or involve a real human plot.
But, on a big screen, with a big sound system, this film literally smashes all the others to pieces.

Having said it's not all about Godzilla:
I watched Godzilla and Godzooky cartoons as a child, loved them.
I watched the proper original Godzilla films, enjoyed them, but they don't hold their weight as action films in this day and age.
I watched the anime Godzilla films on netflix, really enjoyed them.
I watched Skull Island, silly, overated.
I watched KOM. Awful, felt actual pain about how stupid the story was.
I watched this, felt every part of the action and slept very well that night, knowing that the world is still a happy place.

Tom Davies

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Shame we can't somehow merge this and the old thread
Yeah, it's always the way. It's just how publishing reviews works.
I watched the proper original Godzilla films, enjoyed them, but they don't hold their weight as action films in this day and age.
Some of the Millennium series kind of does and I think Godzilla Vs. Biollante is genuinely great - and the first two still hold their weight as horror but no, as action movies stuff like Ebirah and Megalon do not stand up under that scrutiny.

watched the anime Godzilla films on netflix, really enjoyed them.
Eeesh, these missed the mark for me. I don't know what it is but I found them very un-Godzilla like.

All this is to say: welcome to the conversation, fellow Godzilla lover. There are not enough of us in the world!

1080 jawbreaker

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is it just me or is cgi going backover.

the movie was pants. I much prefared Rampage which was also garbage but better garbage than this. The only saving grace was the little girl and the Kong connection.


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I absolutely loved it. Good fun! Just watched it tonight on Sky in UHD and Atmos on our cinema screen (100”). It looked and sounded amazing.


As a popcorn movie I actually enjoyed it, yes the human characters were of insignificance poor acting etc… and at times the CGI was dodgy but none the less overall it was entertaining.

This was miles better than last two Godzilla movies and I will put this on par with Kong Skull Island.


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Whilst I had fun watching this, after re-watching it for a 2nd time I have to say the soundtrack is pertty pants. Never really rated Junkie XL, he's no Hans Zimmerframe, thats for sure.


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Many of these types of movies are like video games, but this was pretty much nothing more than a video game. Even the CGI is horrible - pretty much everything looks fake (for example, even a simple shot of boats traveling in the water has wakes that look like they were colored with crayons). And someone must've figured out how to make direct close-ups of faces, because that's ALL you see, over and over and over again. There's no story, no nothing. It stinks.

I do agree, they could have cut the film down to a 10 minute CGI sequence and nothing of any value would be lost. I enjoyed the finale but I think the rest of the film failed because the acting and the obvious CGI sequences didn't mesh together at all. I think it has a huge over-reliance on fake looking computer graphics that doesn't give it any real-world connection, I thought Rampage and Godzilla 2014, and the Jurassic Park series, were much better films because they were set and filmed in real-world locations blended with CGI, not just obvious CGI and obvious film sets. In this it was just too far separated from any grounding in the real world to be engaging, Hong Kong was blatantly an artificial environment, not even anywhere close to being a representation of the real world.

On top of going from one CGI location to the next, the nonsensical plot and the fact that almost all of the characters could be removed from the film without any consequence didn't help matters in my view. I did really enjoy the sound mix, for me that made the film just about worth watching.

I would give it 3/10 for the fantastic sound effects, and 1/10 for the video-game battle at the end, in total 4/10.


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Love how people are being proper critical about a film between a giant lizard fighting a giant ape. It wasn't meant to be an Oscar contender I'm pretty certain.


It doesn't have to be an Oscar contender, but there's a middle ground between that and a 2 hour video game like this. It's sad but it seems like people have forgotten that you can make a movie like this that's actually GOOD. Jurassic Park, Close Encounters, Minority Report - pick any early era Spielberg film to see how you can have both spectacle and a human element. If you don't care about the characters, then all you have is a cartoon.


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Thanks for the Review Tom. Big Monsters standing on an Aircraft Carrier fighting each other? I'm in!


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The comments don’t make it sound very appealing, but the concept of a big monkey being able to dodge a big fire breathing lizard never did in the first place 😁


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So, how did they manage to get Kong on the vessel, goaded him with a banana?

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