Gods Will Fall Review & Comments


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Overall, Gods Will Fall is a difficult game to place. Normally structure is a key part of how we enjoy games. You expect a single-player campaign to advance in difficulty, complexity or even just its narrative, so as to keep it interesting. Gods Will Fall, with all its random elements, just straight up breaks the idea of structure. Furthermore, it comes across as a contrived attempt to be different, rather than a genuine creative choice.

Gods Will Fall has its problems, but it isn’t without magic. The auto-generated characters and their stories do bring a real charm. Additionally, the boss battles are a fun challenge, and the aesthetics are pleasing. However, its biggest weaknesses end up being amplified by the randomised design throughout. Games of this nature usually require a lot of patience and skill to overcome, but Gods Will Fall, unfortunately, felt too much of a test on the former to truly feel rewarding.

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