Godfather of Harlem Season 1 Premiere (Starz) TV Show Review & Comments


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Very good show. Loved it. Forest steals it with his performance...
Great soundtrack also.


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Where on UK TV can you watch this?


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I go it from Epix earlier in the year...


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Loved this show, Whittaker as usual is excellent and Vincent D'onofrio is also very good as you would expect.

Was also good to see Paul Sorvino too. Really looking forward to the second season.

Would completely agree with 8/10


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Not paying for another $%#@£€ subscription channel!
There's a free trial, I think, and this isn't the only show worth watching on it. Stephen Kings' Castle Rock and Mr Mercedes, both excellent. Totally nuts but emminently watchable anti-hero fare awaits in Doom Patrol. The Act is also amazing. And now this too. Well worth a free trial, IMO. And even a few quid to watch those beauties.

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I love American Gangster, so thanks for the review. For a solid second I did think this was Barry from Eastenders.
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Excellent first episode. Really enjoyed this. Seeing Whittaker and D’Onofrio on-screen together, melting completely into their respective roles is absolutely electrifying. This is gritty, realistic and superbly written and played. There are also a few shots on location in Harlem where it’s been 1970s’d-up and where it’s clear the budget on this was huge. There’s a lot of money gone into this and it’s all right up there on the screen. Can’t wait to see more.
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Godfather of Harlem: War of the Weaves -this time it's personal!
I watched the first episode and liked it. So let's see...


This must the only Drama worth seeing on Starz. I subscribed for 3 months on a special trial and could not find any high quality Dramas worth seeing.

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who in the early 1960s returned from a decade in prison to find the neighborhood he once ruled in shambles. ??:clap:

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