God!! you gotta help me choose and LCD.


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Well it's now 2 months on and i am still no further on. In fact i would put me behind :(

I was thinking of getting a 32" Tosh or Sammy for my office/bedroom but have found other flaws in my Sammy 40" R74 which i have downstairs that is not that good with football.

I really watch a lot of Standard definition. including a lot of football.

I have found out that i cannot watch HD films off my Virgin + box via Component HD. I use the the HDMI cable for DVD and the Oppo 981 does not have any Component cables to swap them round.

So i am now thinking of selling the Sammy to be replaced by another 40" LCD which i don't know which to buy, then buy a cheaper 32" for the Office/bedroom.

SO i am particularly looking for mini reviews of forum users that have the same needs as me :D and hopefully with the same equipment as me.

Makes i like are Sony, Tosh, Panny and maybe another Sammy if good.
I don't want to go back to the Plasma as i have quite a bright house which is hard on the reflaction of the glass.

So come on please help me before i slit my throat as i am now getting fed up of looking for one.



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I can heartily recommend the 32"WLT68. Colours, motion tracking, contrast and image stability are excellent as is the dtv picture and operation. The remote, however, is a bit unresponsive. My only regret buying this TV is that I didnt get a bigger one! :D As an alternative, you could even go for the 66 instead. That must be going for peanuts by now.


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Thanks for that Mickle but first i have to get the 40" sorted :)

If i get a decent 40" i won't need such a big named 32 for upstairs. However i do quite like the 37" WLT68 but it's 3 " smaller than what i already have and i bet you notice downsizing.



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I know it' s not on your list, and I don't have one, but the Philips 37PF9731D/10 has been getting good reviews. I hear that it's oustanding with SD because of their Pixel Plus 3 HD and Clear LCD technology that tries to reduce motion blur. There are some issues - apprently although 'full HD' it won't accept a 1080p source, only 1080i - but just another one to throw in the mix. I only mention it because I have been following the usual suspects (Toshiba, Samsung, Sony W/V/X, Sharp etc.) and had overlooked this one.

Like you I have been looking for ages :rolleyes: but have been waiting for SD on LCD to get better (or at least not too far behind) our current 12-year old (!!!!) CRT, which still looks blinding with Freeview, and I don't like the 'look' of plasmas. I'm still looking.


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Cheers Ian. Yes i am open to other makes.

I too still have a 28 " widescreen sony upstairs which has a fantastic picture for Football, but it's huge and takes up quater of the room, and i want to put an LCD on the wall.

Any links would be great to professinal reviews aswell as your own.


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