God of war 2... will I become a sadist?

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by littlelio, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Played GOW2, now I begin to be a little upset, because I am afraid that I will become a pure saidst... :eek: :D

    When fighting with Theseus, after a few times failure finally I made it. In the killing animation, I am so HAPPY to tap the button sequence and see that

    '...Kratos opens the door then shoves Theseus' head between the doors with his foot and >>SLAMS<< the door multiple times against Theseus' head...'

    I didn't why, but at that moment I was so satisfied with this scene. The reason is, I guess it is the long fierce battle that made me very depressed, or this arrogant enemy made me very upset. As a result, I was only sorry that I haven't kept closing and opening the door for a longer time...:devil:

    But to be honest, as a adult I don't think this kind of violence will change me into some freak. I think GOW game is a perfect solution to release everyday pressure or anything bad happened on me.

    Life is good as normal, but maybe, I will pursue some extreme way to express myself in the future... which is featured by Kratos :D

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