God dammit Ikea

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    Over the past 6 weeks I've had nothing but trouble with Ikea. Delivery of items and how they are always damaged in one form or other. Now I'm not a perfectionist of any form but when I'm paying a £35 home delivery charge I expect things to be right.

    Let me continue...

    I'm currently on my 5th replacement of some Besta Jagra units (brownish black), I ordered two of these, I now have one that is ok, but that's only because I salvaged between damaged units to make up a none damaged one. Each time I wait in for delivery I'm almost to the point that I'm expecting to find damage... (last 5 times I have). This damage is dents in the wood, corners buckled and chips on the corners of draws. No way I can except this.


    Ikea come out today (week and a half wait and a day off work for this (again)) to replace the unit. So the delivery guy comes to take the old boxed units first and comes back with box 1 (box was soaked to hell on all corners, and some might know that the corners aren't protected, actually there's hardly any protection at all in the boxes). Anyway the guy says to me "hey mate, we've been here before haven't we?" I goes "yes, this is the 5th time replacing the unit". He then says "5th time lucky then" with that I here a loud bang in the back of the van...

    He goes back to the van and looks inside and says something to his mate, then calls me over to look. Guess what? the other box being the heaviest had split at the bottom! :suicide:, pieces of wood all over the place and all broke. I started laughing at this point (rather psychoticly) :devil:, anyway, box 2 was soaked more than the other, this was the reason for it splitting.

    So, I phoned up Ikea and had a moan and they've told me instead of having a delivery from the warehouse and the goods being loaded the night before, instead I'll get delivery right from the nearest shop.

    I'd appreciate a pray from you all tonight as I've a new delivery coming in the morning. :lease:

    Apoligies for rambling on. Needed to vent it.
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