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Go on then. Tell us all what you got you lucky Devils!!!


Established Member
Well, with all the talk of shortages and accessories and games being in short supply. What did you all manage to get with your consoles now that Wii has officially landed here in the UK?

All that talk of the wii being nice and cheap (comparativley) is one thing but taking into account all the games extras to go with it, it has managed to mount up to being yet another bloody expensive console launch for me.

I was lucky enough to get the following yesterday morning:

Console £180
2x Wii play £70
2x Nunchuks £30
2x Classic controllers £30
Zelda £40
Red Steel £40
Rayman raving Rabbids £40
Monkey Ball Bannana Blitz £40
Tony Hawks Downhill Jam £40

Total £510

Had a quick shot of wii sports last night but the missus has now packed it all away for xmas. To be fair a large portion of that stuff is my xmas gift but to those that are just buying one for the hell off it. It certainly puts a nice wee dent in the wallet.

With everything being regulated to preorder customers and seemingly everything else being thin on the ground, what did the rest of you peeps manage to pick up, try to pick up and not get etc?

Indiana Jones

Distinguished Member
I went for pretty much the cheapest Bundle at Toys R Us yesterday morning so for £229.99 I got a Wii with 1GB SD Card and a copy of Red Steel.

They had plenty of games and accessories including Wii Play but I wanted something to get when I trade in my Gamecube next week plus the only other thing I really want is the RGB Scart Cable.


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Normal pack arrives wednesday, and I have Zelda, Wiiplay (with wiimote) and 1 nunchuka control. Prolly pick up the classic controller, and that's it for the moment.

So £280~

Value tbf.


Prominent Member
Console £180
1x Wii play £35
1x Nunchuks £15
1x Classic controllers £15
Zelda £35
Red Steel £27
Monkey Ball Bannana Blitz £40



Established Member
Wii £179.99
Zelda £27.99

I've had so much fun with Wii Sports I haven't even played Zelda yet...and my arms hurt from too much baseball lol


Standard Member
I picked up a Wii, Zelda, Rayman, Wii:play and 2000 Point card. (No nunchucks or classics in stock :mad:) Total about £300 or so, not bad really.


Distinguished Member
I got from midnight launch at Gamestation...

Wii Play
Extra Nunchuck
Madcatz Compoponent Cable

All for £270


G a f f e r

Prominent Member
Console inc. WiiSports £180
3x Nunchucks £45
WiiPlay £35
Monkey Ball £40

...but couldn't find the other two WiiMotes i needed anywhere. :(


Distinguished Member
Console and Wii Sports
Wii Play

£290 in total


Distinguished Member
Wii + Zelda = £220
Wii Play = £35
2 x Classic Controllers = £30
Nunchuck £10 (had £5 HMV reward points to use)
Rayman Raving Rabbids = £35
2000 Points = £15
1000 Points = £7

Total = £352


Established Member
Wii = £150 + £30 Credit Note from Exchanged N64/PS1 stuff (Gamestation)
Wii Play = £28 (In mail from Play3k)
Classic Controllers = £15 (Woolworths)
1 x Nunchuk = £13 (In mail from Play)
2 x Nunchuk = £30 (Gamestation)
2000 Points = £15 (Amazon)
1000 Points = £7 (Wii) (600 Been spent on Bomberman 93)
2 x Wiimotes = £60 (Gamestation)
Zelda = £26 (ChoicesUK)
Monkeyball = £26 (ChoicesUK)

Total : £370 + £30 Credit Note

All of it is now been taken away for wrapping for xmas :-(

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