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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by VT 4 CCTV, Oct 9, 2004.

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    I have been reading the Plasma threads for months now. Reading to gather techno info, as well as keeping uptodate with latest general info. What I personally find brain draining, is that there are so many good Plasma's out there, and some not so good ones. I find, that unless you have endless days available to personally view plasmas for themselves, theres only this forum and all your peoples opinions. Great as that is, one thread and another can convince you otherwise in milliseconds on the preference of a plasma.
    Then there are discussions on technical advantages and disadvantages for each plasma.
    So, rather than asking all to put more technical jargon online to justify one better than another,

    how about everyone puts a list down, with,,,, in your view, from 1 to 10 giving their wishlist of best to worst plasmas.

    That would give us all a quick view of peoples likes and dislikes, and certainly would give me as well as others a top 5 to view.

    I wouldnt worry about whether the list includes 60" or 32" , standard res or Hi res, or whether it has this or that. Lets roll with it and go by your gut instincts.
    Hope this is getting all to put their views on here.
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    I appreciate what you're looking for here, but you won't be helped by having other users' subjective opinions on which are the top 10, etc.

    Discussing the ins-and-outs of the technical specs of various screens is what this forum is here for. It gives people the chance to make sure that the screen they want to buy will do all the things they want it to.

    For the novice user who simply wants to watch TV and DVDs, then it doesn't take much time on this forum to see what the obvious choice is. Buy a Panny. Excellent picture performance, and relatively cheap at the moment for what you are getting. If you want a higher definition screen, then buy either a Panny HD or a Pioneer, but be careful which model if you are planning to use it connected to a PC. Any good dealer should be able to advise on getting the PC connection right.

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