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Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by Mark Botwright, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Put your PS3 (or your PC) to good use

    Why not do something to help further research into diseases like Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Cystic Fibrosis and certain forms of cancer? Well you can, and with the PS3 it's very easy to contribute. Assuming your PS3 has a broadband internet connection and firmware version 1.6 or later all you need to do is locate the [email protected] icon in the Network column of the XMB (Cross Media Bar) and click on it.

    What is Folding @ Home?

    For a detailed description of exactly what Stanford University's [email protected] programme is all about and how it relates to the PS3 please click on the following links:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/[email protected]

    Work can be contributed as an individual (where's the fun in that eh?) or as part of a team, and we at AVForums have a [email protected] team: 54579. First thing to change is the default username from 'PS3' to something unique, that way you can follow your own progress. Then join our team (54579) that way you can see how you progress with reference to all the folders here at AVForums. :D:cool: Simply press triangle while in the PS3's visual client then find the options to change your username and team number.

    Is it safe to leave it on for long periods?

    You may be worried about leaving your PS3 on for long periods of time but there is no need to be concerned, the PS3 only uses about 200W of power while running [email protected] and as of the latest software version, [email protected] V1.3, you can even set your PS3 to switch off automatically after a work unit has been completed or after a set period of time, e.g. 4 hours. Other features of [email protected] V1.3 include the ability to play music from your PS3 system's hard disk while folding takes place. The [email protected] client can also be invoked automatically, a bit like a screensaver, all you have to do is press triangle while you have the [email protected] icon selected in the Network column of the XMB and from the options select the period of inactivity before [email protected] automatically starts, e.g. 10mins or 20mins.

    So go on... donate some CPU time for a good cause and join our [email protected] team. :thumbsup: You'll be joining the most powerful distributed computing cluster in the world, as recognised by the Guinness World Records, that operates at over 1 petaFLOPS, significantly faster than any of today's supercomputers.

    If you have any further questions then please feel free to post them in the following thread:

    What if i don't have a PS3

    Remember that if you have a PC or a Mac then you can also run a [email protected] client and contribute to a worthy cause.

    Here's where to download the software for your home computer - Folding @ Home for PC/Mac users

    And here is a link on how to configure your PC for [email protected]

    Team Rankings

    If you want to see how our team members are doing then you can visit the following two links:

    or to see how our team ranks with all the other Folding teams:

    Friday 30th January 2009, EOC Stats:
    'Current Team Rank: 220'
    'Next Target: Mearns: 219'

    Thank you, :)

    (Thanks to Steve P for writing this up)
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