Go on admit it! What chick flicks do you like

Drunken Master

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As most of us on here don't know each other it's fairly safe to admit what girlie films we like.

I like Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman (but I don't like Richard Gere Honest)

Come on admit those girlie films, you'll find it a cleansing experience

Drunken Master

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Man bites dog. Mmmm I don't think the wife has seen that one is it a rom-com with Meg Ryan?

The wife loves Lesbian Love Lust it's one of her favourites!!!


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I was just going to ring off a list but wondered where we are drawing the line between romantic comedy and a chick flick?

Would you consider the likes of When Harry Met Sally, Frankie and Johnny, One Fine Day, Just The Ticket, Forget Paris, For The Love Of The Game etc as chick flicks?

As far as true chick flicks go, I like Sleepless In Seattle, City Of Angels, My Best Friend's Wedding, Untamed Heart, Maybe Baby, Notting Hill, About Last Night, Sliding Doors, What Women Want, Return To Me (NOT for David Duchovny's acting
), and When A Man Loves A Woman!

"As good as it gets" think thats the one with Jack Nickolson.

It's not mega chick flicky, and worth a watch, and will keep her away from Bridget Jones' Diary in the shop. :D

Drunken Master

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Chick Film = No explosions, swearing or gratuatious naked women and a soppy ending that makes you wanna puke


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Well that discounts my favourite - Groundhog Day!!!

Looking at upturned pickup truck.....

"Do you think he's all right?"

Ka-boom!!! :D :D :D :D


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Message from a girl: "This topic is extremely offensive to women and I find it demeaning and insulting.".

So there, Pointon's latest - and easiest - sex toy has spoken.

Drunken Master

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Women hate brainless violent films that men love for example, Mrs Drunken Master refuses to watch Battle Royale, she thinks it's some biazzare snuff film

Drunken Master

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See this is proof Men are liars! We would never admit to our friends that we like Dirty Dancing

Bone Daddy

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Sleepless in Seattle - gotta be the top chick flick :kisses: good film/music/etc - always enjoy this one when Mrs Bone Daddy is a watching :D


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Notting Hill
Chicken Run
What Women Want
Return To Me
Bridget Jones Diary

All quite good

Also saw one with Sigourney Weaver playing the mum to rip off men


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Notting Hill (probably he only Hugh Grant film I like)

An Office and a Gentleman was also superb, not sure it it counts as a chick flick though as I always end up rolling on the floor laughing at the very cheesy end while the missus sobs her eyes out (she likes the idea of the uniform though !!!! :blush: :D :D )


Originally posted by Drunken Master
See this is proof Men are liars!

I always like the classic lie that is told to parents/partners (or anyone else who doesn't have any right to know or moan but takes it upon themselves to do just that...) about how much the latest AV or Hi Fi kit has cost. You're sitting there unpacking a new £500 subwoofer and you're saying 'What a bargain, it only cost me £150'

And they still say 'How much?!?' :)

BTW, by far the WORST chick flick I've seen is 'Coyote Ugly'.


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I had a look under my bed and found a few older vids..now bear in mind I haven't seen Coyote Ugly but pretty much everything else mentioned..this one STINKS!! :( It hurt, it was that bad!!

Breaking Up with Russell Crowe and Salma Hayek.

First person to find me a "flushing" smilie wins a prize!!

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