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I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad that i sync using push gmail. The problem I am having is it isn't syncing all of my contacts. I have 138 contacts on the iPhone and only 88 showing on the iPad.

I have tried checking the obvious to see if I have doubled any, but can't seem to find any pattern



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I've Sussed it. It was a gmail issue.

My iPhone had synced 'all contacts' whereas the iPad had synced 'my contacts', which for some reason had a different amount of contacts stored. There was a button within 'all contacts' to 'move to 'my contacts' so I selected all and moved them.

I then had an issue where still lots of entries on the iPhone weren't showing up on the iPad, so i renamed them through the edit function and voilà. Into the iPad they went

This had to be one if the most user UNFRIENDLY interfaces I have ever used.

As this isn't technically an apple issue please feel free to move it to the relevant forum. I just wanted to post the answer because this will happen to someone else

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