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i've posted this on device specific forums but no-one seems to know the answer..
i'm fairly new to the world of Android. I have an archos 101 G9 16GB.
Been having trouble using the COMPOSE function on gmail - wasn't sure if i had the android app or not so i went to install the gmail app but it says it's already installed. But.. i can't find it! No icon, no shortcut, can't find it anywhere. Any idea how to initiate?

further to that - i clicked on the "installed" button for the GMAIL/android app on google play, and it seemed to start downloading - it said it was checking compatibility, then said that was ok. It came up with another dialogue box with an install option. I clicked install.
it said "this app will be downloaded to your device shortly". That's it - no mention of when, no sign of anything at all happening, no progress bar, nothing. That was 2 hours ago - it doesn't seem to have done anything - there is nothing in downloads, no new icons, nothing at all to indicate what has happened. Is that typical android?

to initiate Gmail i go here ... droid-home

i then click on the Gmail button on the google homepage toolbar - it opens up GMAIL. Is this the standard GMAIL or the GMAIL android app? I ask because it doesn't work properly & takes an age to load. When trying COMPOSE it opens up the new message box, and the KEYBOARD appears, but only for about 2 seconds, then it disappears, "To" changes to "Recipients" and anything i type desn't go in the "To/Recipient" box, instead it brings up a google search list, which is where the typed characters go.
i click on subject & this brings up the keyboard and whatever i type actually goes in the subject box.
So - now i have no "recipient" but a subject.
I then click on the text box to type a message - nothing happens - the keyboard doesn't appear so i can't type in.

what is happening??? All other apps work fine, my plusnet webmail works fine, browsing is fine.. Que???


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OK.. further to that.. i now know i am using GMAIL for android.. and i also know that the new COMPOSE in GMAIL doesn't work on my m/c - archos 101 G9 running 2.1.1
I found an option to switch back to the old COMPOSE - guess what? it's fine! i'll just use that...

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