Glossy Black 42" Plasma sub £2000 any ideas?


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I'm in the market for a sub £2000 42" plasma, however, the wife has only agreed to let me have a plasma if I get a "glossy black" one. That's wimmin for ya!!!
Now I've looked at the Pioneer 436SXE which is a great set but not a patch on the Panasonic PX600's, however, Panasonic is Silver :suicide:

I've noticed a few of the other Panasonics look black from the website but is it glossy black?, I haven't been able to see anything in the shops. I've also noticed that the new Samsung's have glossy black but they don't appear to get any good writeup's. I think I could possibly persuade her if it was matt black, so any good advice would be great.

Can someone please help me I'm going nuts. Anyone got a good sub £2000 glossy black 42" plasma which is worth the money?




go for the bravia sonys its lcd but available in glossy black


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A Fujitsu P42HTA51ES can be supplied in piano black if you get your dealer to order one via their Fujitsu sales rep as a special order. You can get a deal on the screen plus speakers and stand (or wall bracket) for under £2k msrp.


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The Samsung PS42Q7HD is glossy black. (£1,150)

Very nice looking tv, i'm looking into getting it myself, just waiting for local store to get into stock, then off to JL for them to match it.


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Thanks for all the responses, I think I'm sold on the LG 42PC1D, and the wife seems pretty happy!! Only thing I need to do now is find one in a shop to make sure I like it IRL!

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