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Hi guys

I have a global loftbox, connected to the UHF2 input is a global SPC4 combiner.

The living room connection connects to my aerial input on my skyHD box & the RF2 output then goes back to the combiner, this completes the loop the loftbox needs.

My sky boxes have there lnb connections direct from the dish, they do not go through the loftbox.

I do not yet have any other aerials (fm/dab/tv) connected

the 4 outputs are all used, all working fine, picture is beautifully clear.

on the tv in the lounge, which is connected via the living room connection, the signal is really really diabolical. the sky+ & sky digibox signals are missing completely (presume not strong enough) and the skyHD box is snowy at best....

I spoke to global who said the living room output was not amplified like the 4 proper outputs, with only 1 feed connected to uhf2 each works fine, it's only when they are split.

i have some passive type triax splitters, i tried using them backwards, i get a snowy picture across all the channels but cannot then remote control any...

it seems i need to find a way to amplify the signal going to the living room, but because it is on the "must have" loop, i'm worried about overloading the loftbox...

I'm using mswp faceplates in each room, the cable lengths are 7m to upstairs rooms & max 15m to downstairs rooms. double shielded rg6 cabling with f connectors & f to coax connectors where necessary. pre-made fly leads used from equipment to faceplates & all cables checked with multi meter for short circuit before commissioning...

any suggestions? as i said, the other 4 amplified outputs work perfectly, it's just the living room connection

(the system was designed to have the lounge (living room) connection show the various inputs and I believe I am using both global products in the manner they were designed, so this "should" be possible)

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This is going to seem to be a really dumb suggestion but you have checked the output channel on the Sky boxe(s) are not all the same - or only seperated by a single number from each other or any terrestrial channel.

Had this problem when Sky set up my new box - same channel as old box (which was being fed into the Loftbox through a SPC4). Couple of roof monkeys doing the "install" who "solved" the problem by disconnecting the second box! Didn't even bother to remonstrate, just waited until they left to retune the outputs"


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Hi Bankhead,

thanks for the reply mate. It's not a dumb q, i've read loads of posts about people who have done that. In fairness i had to make a spreadsheet & put in the channels on the two local transmitters to know which ones i could safely use... took me a good day on its own to get all the info,

The transmitter nearest me with the highest signal uses the higher end of the rf channels, so i have used the lower end. all of the channels are 1 clear channel away from another and not used by another device / transmitter which can reach me...

I've connected two digi eyes in two different rooms, through the spc4, they both work fine, controlling the HD & SKY+ boxes independantly, the tesco's sky+ replacement remote even works....

also does anyone know if the triax 304114 would work with the global loftbox allowing both lnb power & digi eye power?



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Sorry - misread your original post!

The "living room" connection on my system (Global Loft box 8) takes the Terrestrial TV/FM/DAB to the living room (and you can duplex the 2LNB into it if you want) but does NOT have any satellite on it, this comes back to the Loft box via the RF2 return before it is split out to all the different rooms.
If you want to have everything in the living room and do not have a direct connect from the satellite to the drawing room TV, you will need to use a feed from one of the AV feeds to the TV. I have twin satellite systems feeding into the RF2 socket through an SPC4. The drawing room is fed by two feeds, a direct HDMI from the HD+ box and an RF feed that comes from the global loftbox.


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Hi Bankhead,

thanks for the reply mate.

your using one too? cool, info from someone who has one is appreciated :)

you said to take lounge feed from one of the outputs, but manual says link has to be made between living room & uhf2 (in this case with spc4 in middle of return path)

if i only have 1 device connected directly to uhf2 picture from living room is fine.

if i introduce spc4 or triax splitter & any other devices, picture quality is cr*p...

I thought of using one of the outputs for the lounge, but then what would i connect to living room?

Yesterday i created the same "return loop" for one of the bedrooms which has the sky+ box in it, remote control of the box works great through the spc4 but it introduces noise on all the sets. i think because this is an amplified loop from an output to uhf2 it might need an attenuator inline - what do you think?

so if i remove the lounge supply from the living room connection and put it on one of the outputs, what should i connect to living room to create the loop?

All my sky boxes are directly fed from the lnb but i have a technomate system on a motorised dish i wanted to connect to it in the future, as well as fm / dab aerials yet to be connected...

does the loftbox pass both lnb power & digi eye power?
do you know if diseqc commands are passed through it?

thanks for your help :)


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The living room feed takes the LNB1/terrestrial/FM to the triplexed wallplate in the living room, one feed to the Sky receiver, one to the RF input on the Sky box and the FM to....... The RF2 output from the Sky box then gets returned to the Loftbox via the RF2 input (you can diplex in the second LNB to this cable if you need to). Instead of going direct to the Loftbox, you interpose the SPC4 at this point, with the second sky box into the SPC4 as well. The common output from the SPC4 is then fed to the Loft box.
I found the following on another forum, best way to distribute AV around house | hilpers,

Easy. But not well known.
You need a Global "Plus combiner"

It works with one Sky Plus box and one Standard Sky box (which, I
think is what tyou have).

Connect exactly as follows:

1) "Plus combiner" in loft (usually)
2) RF2 from EACH Sky box to loft and into "Plus combiner"
3) Output from "Plus combiner" into a 4way amp which handles "magic
eye" control.
4) 4 output cables to 4 rooms.
5) Switch on RF2 power supplies (in the Installer Menus) on both Sky
6) Set the RF output channels (in the Installer Menus) on both Sky
boxes to different channels (and away from the local
broadcast channels.
7) I usually then set one box to a radio station (0106) and the other
box to (0107) This is so I recognise each box when
I tune a tv and find a signal!) (I usually set the two boxes up
on the TVs as channels 6 and 7)
8) The clever thing about this system is that you can use magic eyes
in the 4 other rooms and whichever type of
handset you use (Sky+ or Standard) it will control the right box!
If you set up the remote handsets in the "other"
rooms to control the particular make of TV and then set them up
to auto-switch the TV to the correct channel for the
particular Sky box (6 or 7) you have full and easy control of
both boxes, Whichever handset you pick up, the TV will
go to the right box when you press "SKY" and then you can control

You could have a total of 10 handsets in the house and have some great

NOTE...If you have a terrestrial aerial, take it straight to the main
Sky box only (probably the Sky+ in the living room). It will then be
fed into the system and will be available on each of the other sets
EXCEPT for the set in the room with the second Sky box. (The second
Sky box should have nothing to it apart from RF2 out to the "Plus
combiner" and a scart to its TV.) If the TV in this room needs a
terrestrial feed, it should come directly from the amp in the that may need to be a 5 or 6 way amp to allow for this).
NOTE...If you have a VCR or DVD recorder in the main room, feed it
from RF1 out of the Sky plus box and then to the TV.

Aparrently the "Plus combiner" is being phased out and the only the
"Global Super Plus SPC4" will be available soon. We use these as well.
They allow up to 4 Sky boxes of ANY type to be combined together with
full remote control of any box from any room but the handsets are set
up in a slightly different way to work these. A bit complex to explain
here but they come with instructions!

Hope this helps. It sounds much more complex than it is! We do it all
the time.
If it is to work reliably you need to use "F" plugs for the entire
system with screw-on adaptors to turn them into coax plugs or solder
the centre wire if you must to use standard coax plugs. One poor
connection can stop the whole system from working.

So it has been done!

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