Glasses for my PX990


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Ok now that #D bluray players are a good price I thought it would be fun to get a load of 3d blu rays in for crimbo but I only ever got 1 set of glasses so im on the hunt for more but im getting a little confused with what to get cos most say only compatible with LX range (even the legit ones) and LG dont seem to have them on there site so if anyone could enlighten me what ones I should get or alternatives to official ones if there are any id appreciate it.


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I have been told by LG support that the AG-S100 and AG-S110 glasses will work on the PX990, but not together at the same time. For some reason they use different signalling, but the tx on the tv cannot send both signals at the same time.
Therefore if like me you have 1 pair of s100's, then you will have to buy other s100's to match, or some new s110's and sell the s100 pair.


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Hmm thats not good I just bought 3 pairs of s110 glasses will have to test run that tonight .


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was looking at doing the same thing - can you post if they work? Where did you find the best deal?

BTW - Just got 'Closer to the Edge' on 3D bluray - Awesome!


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Well I called LG up and they confirmed that one will interfere with the other and I need one model type so a very stern email was fired there way saying how disgusted I am so looks like il being buying some more this weekend as for best price I got mine from Richer sounds £30 each thats cheaper then the ones on fleebay comin from ping pong.

Thanks for the suggestion ive just bought Lee Evans in 3D should be interesting watching him jump around and sweat in 3D lol

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