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Glasses comfort? Samsung SSG-3100 vs. 3300 vs. 3700


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I just had a PS51D550 delivered a few hours ago and the pair of SSG-3100 glasses I have are, based on only brief impressions so far, pretty comfortable to wear and I can't really see the battery change and manual power on/off being a big annoyance (at least if the battery lasts anywhere near as long as I've seen people suggest).

However, aside from being significantly uglier and larger than I had expected based on photos, at the outer edges of the glasses the 3100 reflect the daylight seeping in through the closed window blinds behind my chair, and while I could mostly ignore it it was still a bit distracting (it will be a few hours yet before I can try the glasses for night time viewing).

I just visited a selection of stores, hoping that it would be possible to try on the 3300 (both GR and CR) and 3700, but unfortunately none of them had the 3700 in stock and they were entirely unwilling to open one of the (clamshell) packs so I could try on the 3300. I'm sure they'll say the exact same thing about the 3700 once they get those.

I frankly didn't feel particularly inclined to spend more than twice as much on a pair of 3300 as I did on the 3100, only to risk coming home and find out that they weren't any more comfortable and perhaps just as prone to be slightly daylight crippled due to reflections (they don't seem to be as wide as the 3100 though, so I'm thinking that perhaps they don't stick out enough to the sides to cause reflections).

Has anyone here tried several or all of the new Samsung glasses and care to weigh in with your opinion on comfort level and various pros and cons?
I did find an extensive post on another forum a couple of weeks ago that ranked them like this from best to worst: 3100 > 3300 CR > 3300 GR > 3700.
But I would love to hear more opinions before I decide if it's worth buying the 3700 or 3300 without trying them on first.


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I have the 3700 they are pretty good, lightweight and comfortable.

The only slight annoyance with these is they do not fold away, so you can't put them in a case, which leads to the lens getting dusty and maybe scratched.

They weigh about the same as a bag of maltesers and do take some getting used to as they are very open. Alot of light can be seen but you do get a shield to block some light out with each pair.

Hope that helps.


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How large (the lenses themselves and the distance they sit from your eyes) are they compared to a pair of regular glasses or sunglasses?
The 3100 are very clearly made large enough to ensure that they can fit on top of a pair of prescription glasses, I'm (selfishly :)) hoping that might not be the case - at least to the same obvious extent - with one or both (or three if you count the two 3300 variations) of the more expensive models.


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Thanks :).


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Managed to get a few photos fir you tonight, the glasses are 1.5 inches from eye to lens.

A few photos for you and a pose!


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It doesn't sound like they necessarily sit closer to the eyes than the 3100 then (I just tried measuring but I don't think my 1 inch result was particularly accurate), but in the last photo it does look like they may be a little narrower, and that's the most important part in relation to those side reflections.
Though I suspect I'll probably not end up viewing 3D content in daylight all that often anyway - here in the evening, where the sun is low in the sky and shining directly at the window blinds behind my TV chair, the TV screen itself is a bit more reflective than I had first thought (earlier today it looked about on par with my old Samsung LCD in that respect).

I'm still looking for impressions of the SSG-3300 - GR, CR or both - if anyone can help there? Design wise they are the ones that look most like my ordinary sunglasses.


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Do the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver on the 3300 and 3700 sit right behind the ears at the end of the arms? I virtually always use headphones, and that means the large ear pads will be sitting just about on top of those arms. I don't know if that's likely to have any impact on a Bluetooth signal?

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