Glass Top Shelf Broke - Looking for Replacament Unit



I am not sure if this is a common occurance but the top shelf to my glass AV rack broke and the TV fell through. Luckily the middle shelf held up and the TV was undamaged though it did smash my DVD player. I had had this stand for over 2 years without any mishap and there was no 'action' which would have triggered this event ie no one hit the shelf with a hammer or leant heavily on it.

So having spent 5 hours cleaning up the mess of glass (and glass shards), I now find myself requiring a replacement. I would ideally like to spend up £100 or so for a unit.

In the first instance, has anyone heard or had such an event happen to them. I did want to get another glass rack and although the wife is quite nervous about this now, I have narrowed it down to the following 2 choices (open to suggestions though).

- GT3,4294956756

The GT3 & 4 now come with an 8mm top shelf

- Stil-Stand 1401

This is the old version which comes with a 10mm top shelf. The newer version on Stil-Stand's website come with am 8mm top self.

These 2 racks are both about 800mm wide and although I have a 37" Panasonic Plasma, I prefer a narrow unit for the TV to sit on. My TV + pedestal base weigh in at 43-45kgs.

I have read this thread

as regards the GT series and am weary about claims of 300Kgs loading for reason being that such tests are carried out with sandbags evenly placed on the top shelf until the shelf gives way.

In reality any TV placed on the top shelf is predominently applying loading to a smaller area.

I wonder if anyone can give me some advise as to which of the two models that I have listed is better. Cosmetically, the GT series are apparently power coated how does this look?

I wonder if anyone can give me some advise please.

Many thanks for any info provided.


Where did you buy the stand that broke, was it a branded stand?

Very unusual for a stand to break like that.

As for the safety tests, all the manufacturers we deal with use machine testing to apply pressure to the centre of the glass to gain the safety certificates and rating. Not sure who uses sand bags as this would be meaningless.

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